I am nothing, therefor I am everything.
Dan Santos. Founder of Ancestral


ANCESTRAL Advanced Consciousness

This place offers a paradigm of mystical awakening that combines practical applications of philosophy, anthropology, and spirituality with techniques and elemnts that are in line with modern human needs to help you rediscover your inner power of love.


More than 1800 people from all over the world have lived this beautiful experience since 2017.



Prior to a ceremony, organized for a private group, in locations throughout the Mexico or outside the country; we present a free of cost talk that is versatile, agile and entertaining; with topics such as: History of Sacred Medicines, Identifying the mind and the advanced Consciousness within, the Gifts of Supreme Consciousness.
Duration 3:30 hrs
Three levels where you can progress gradually regardless of your current level of undertsanding, in each level you can experience advances that allow you to interact with your reality in a clear harmonious and creative way unfolding from the new awareness you acquire in maters of consciousness and vibration.
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Powerful Retreat-workshop to awaken your consciousness; Two integrative models with practices, music, native singing, living together, circles of word and workshops filled with advanced and ancestral knowledge; as well as the Ceremonies with sacred medicines that generate the most generous and powerful experiences that a human being can have in life.
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How far would you go to find yourself?
What are you willing to do?
Since when are you battling with yourself?
Things don't work out?
Do you feel lost?
You are cordially invited to this celebration for life, where you connect with your heart in communion with the OTAC ancestral medicine, Bufo Alvarius.
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Rapé cleanses and aligns our energy field. Reactivates the Pineal Gland; normalizes and enhances the plasticity of the brain. It clarifies perception; silences the mind to connect with the present as you travel to the interior, in the perfect state of here and now.


Xhanga is a powerful ancient medicine, an advanced tool for: physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. It allows us to increase our state of vibration by coming into contact with the superior harmony of higher dimensions through a highly symbolic visual symphony.


OTAC Sacred Medicine is the peak experience of unity that liberates everyone from self-destructive behavior patterns and addictions. The Encounter with absolute glory, allows us to cross the threshold of fear to heal our ephemeral existence to become free and one with source.


In an honest, mature, and prepared way, we recognize the existence of the supreme consciousness, present in our human form.

We consciously accept that this presence in us is the most powerful human, psychological, emotional, and fiscal tool of development with which we connect in an intelligent, reasoned, and functional way; when we connect with it we are our divinity and it manifests in ourselves and its earthly fields of action.

We acknowledge in a grateful, humble, intelligent, and emotional way that consciousness lies in our whole being, prevailing before all states of the body, mind, emotions, sensations, and perception of the non-existent or invisible.

We commit ourselves with maturity to establish a deep, sincere, lasting relationship with everything that consciousness gives us.

We adhere to the values and principles of life that sustain us as spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, physiological, and human entities; to preserve the truth, understanding as truth, everything that generates harmony in us and constructively impacts humanity.

I have learned, over time, to face the fears and beliefs that slowed my path…

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I was born in the Sacred Lands of the Comcaac Nation 25 years ago. In my blood runs the story of my people and my ancestors whom I honor with pride and love.

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My life has been always surrounded by magic since he was a child. Frequently connected with other realities and channeling visions from beyond.

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Seris or Comcaác as they called themselves, live in the Sonoran desert and previously also inhabited the Tiburon island, called Taheöjc in cmiique iitom (which is the way the Comcaac call their language), in addition to the San Sebastian or Cofteecöl island. Before 1950 they were a nomadic community and currently they live in two villages on the coast of the state of Sonora. According to INEGI (2015), there are 754 citizens older than three years old.


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