Bufo Alvarius

OTAC Sacred Medicine is the peak experience of unity that liberates everyone from self-destructive behavior patterns and addictions, it is the Encounter with the absolute glory that allows us to cross the threshold of fear and forget about our ephemeral existence and become free and one with the creator.

BUFO ALVARIUS (Sonoran Desert toad) OTAC

OTAC is the Seri or Comcáac word for Toad. This word has been adopted as a term for the secretions of the glands of Bufo Alvarius, the toad of the Sonoran desert in Mexico.

OTAC has the ability to powerfully transform mental and physical health, profoundly improving perceived reality and well-being. The correct uses of OTAC carry a message of wisdom and empowerment that offers immense benefits directly to the recipient.

All ceremonies with Sacred Medicine are individual and private.

In the peak experience of unity generated by Bufo Alvarius (5MeO-DMT) there are no hallucinations, because it is an integrating experience; its non-dual.

It is a miracle that there is something in nature that allows you to live an experience of temporary illumination; that existence has decided to hide it in the back of an amphibian.

It is classified as an entheogen, because it connects with Theo. The Creator or Great Spirit.

The apotheosis in the experience is total unity, so it is not experienced as something fragmented, in this sense it can be cataloged as a non alucinogen; it is simple, ego dissolves and the perception of a world of deficiencies disappears with it; There is an immeasurable fullness in which we dissolve as sand in the ocean of existence and where the idea of error and guilt are completely eradicated.

Given the great misinformation that is appearing in the media, we clarify, there is no case of death that has as a direct cause having taken the Sacred Medicine of Bufo Alvarius, however all those who have used it “die” and are “reborn” healing, transcending, waking up, liberating.

Erroneously, it has been called a drug; a drug is something that is used to evade reality, avoid responsibility and it steals your consciousness; in this sense, if someone uses OTAC for the purpose of escaping, it will be the opposite, since there is no possibility of fleeing the encounter with the most absolute glory in which 5meo flows after crossing the threshold of fear and oblivion of our ephemeral existence.

There are other well-known entheogens such as ayahuasca, peyote, yopo; with which your consciousness expands, however with Bufo Alvarius you become Consciousness and there; in heaven in the spirit form, in peace or in the state of all good and in the highest vibration of total freedom where comparison is meaningless you are freed.

When you return from the experience you can observe yourself; restructuring in the character you are and you could witness the appearance of the voice in your head that comments, controls and criticizes everything.

Before, you did not know that voice could disappear, you did not know it was unnecessary, now you live the new experience where it lacks power, and you are able to place yourself internally in a place of discretion and clarity where to experience the peace of simply Being.

5Meo DMT is a Neuro-transmitter that forms in the human brain naturally. Unlike several investigations that classify the substance as a poison; Most of the poisonous substances produce serious anaphylactic processes because they are neuro toxic or contain neurotoxins that generate cardiac as well as respiratory arrest, this last one being the most serious. 5MeO is a NEURO TRANSMITTER that contains a mixture that is organic to our biology, called “brain food”; as an example, the brain treats it in a similar way to glucose; The human body produces 5 MeoDMT in the pineal gland mainly during deep dreams when we are born.

When consuming 5Meo DMT, the body increases the production of transmitters such as serotonin, melotonin, among other hormones as well as peptides, tryptamines and enzymes that promote healing and regeneration of the entire body. Causing the release of a considerable amount of accumulated unconscious stress, being able to unlock the immune system achieving other great benefits such as:

  • Dissolution of unconscious cellular memories that cause addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic diseases and sufferings

  • Deep release of emotional traumatic charges.

  • Final recovery for manias, dependencies and Addictions.

  • Advance in the continuous search for the growth of Consciousness or Awakening.

  • Pure contact with the creative entity, oneness & mindfulness.

Celebrate this opportunity to be reborn as it is done by the natives in the Sonoran desert and more.

Receive the Sacred Medicine, accompanied by the songs, blessing, and the original native form.



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