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Three stages. Three meetings lasting three hours each covered knowledge and strategies for advanced energy management. There are also three one-hour activities to help participants find their life’s purpose and inner serenity.
Regardless of your current stage of development, you advance gradually as you learn new information in each subject that enables you to engage harmoniously with your reality thanks to this new opening of consciousness and vibration. 


2-day camp, all-inclusive. Live singing, dancing, fire, and lighting made for a fantastic night. completely surrounded by nature, far from the city.
(Bring your rattles and drum)


500 participants from all over the world had participated since 2019



3-hour period
Advanced knowledge of human beings and deep meditation techniques.

  • Advanced understanding of Ego.
  • Recognizing Consciousness.
  • Pineal gland / Binaural / DMT.
  • supra breathing – meditation, Exercise.

This experience of deep introspection connects you with the most important, transcendent and elementary concepts of a mindful life.

A beautiful reunion between your perfect essence and the options that generate well-being and harmony in the face of life’s challenges.

Flowing the guidance of our ancestors, guides and beings of light through the intention and purpose of the Great Spirit.

The experience deepens the understanding of the root of everything that exists, allowing you to experience the fullness and liberation that comes with the activation of consciousness by opening an infinite and unconditional level of love …

Activate new levels of healing energy, embarking on a powerful path of transformation.



3-hour period
advanced vibration frequency knowledge, re-establishing the connection with Manda Allah.

  • 24 Energy Centers, 12D.
  • Limited and Unlimited Energy.
  • 4 regent universal laws.
  • Tetha programming, Exercise.

Everything is energy, everything is in motion, everything vibrates, everything lives, in the perfect order of creation. We give and receive in the rhythm of the autonomous flows of energy in our interior and in everything that lives, including the human body.

Recognizing 24 energy centers and their priority flow order to optimize evolution, leading to the main actions that modify the stages of each area in life.

Understanding the relationship between your decisions and actions with the historical consequences you have lived, realizing how to optimize the use of your personal energy to formulate the new reality you wish to create and experience.

Through exercises, the participant rescues occupied or misused energy and develops new programming in his system through new agreements that he chooses to reprogram.



3-hour period
Mystical and hermetic understanding of our eternal nature.

  • Advanced ancient civilizations.
  • Angels, Aliens & Gods.
  • Between life and death.
  • Round table exercise; Closure.

Using our Advanced Consciousness as the channel of permanent connection with our divinity that provides us the perfect resources for life and the option to unfold as an evolved humanity.

Traveling to the divine origin, we recognize ourselves as an unique fragment of divinity, becoming an efficient part of the evolutionary process that has been, is and always will be.

Coexisting with entities and dimensional civilizations to solve critical situations that allow the participant to continue with its earthly journey and in service of all good, enriching the experience of life until the time to return home.

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