Urban medicine man, guide, and facilitator of ancestral medicines in ceremonial form.

Dan’s life has been surrounded by magic since he was a child. Frequently connected with other realities and channeling visions from beyond.

His relatives were always interested in his gifts.

A situation that has always encouraged him to study holistic healing techniques and also a variety of spiritual doctrines and practices.

On the other hand, for 30 years Dan was a paramedic and volunteer rescuer of an international humanitarian aid organization and also held multiple management positions in the Mexican Red Cross. He has also been an entrepreneur in different industries and has produced content and programs for Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Televisa México.

Having survived Cancer and a cardiovascular event by taking the sacred OTAC medicine from the Sonoran desert; In such states, it was revealed to him a powerful message and that he should learn this hermetic practice from the original Indians.

4 years ago he was accepted and recognized by the Comcaác tribe to learn the use and practice of this powerful entheogenic substance.
Since then; Dan has served more than 1400 people.

Dan is committed to human spiritual development and shares a vision of abundance.

Well-versed in many subjects, including energy body, vibration and frequency, universal laws, pineal activation, energy centers on earth, synchronicity, sacred healing sites, Theta healing, PnL, meditation, and many more.

He wrote a book, a diary about his transformation to guide others on that path, and works on two more. Dan’s mission is to share knowledge, practices, and wisdom that allow others to discern their reality and integrate actions into their daily lives that allow them to experience a full, rich, harmonious, and abundant life, outside existing models and systems of oppression and fear.


  • Urban Medicine Man – OTAC 5meo DMT Ancestral Medicine Ceremonial
  • FacilitatorGuided in Ceremonial management by Raymundo Barnett (Tata Lay) of the Seri Nation (Comcaác) in Sonora Mexico
  • Initiated in the Lakota Red Path with Raices de la Tierra organization (vision quest-sun and moon dance+temazcal)
  • Bioenergetic Unlocking and Zen Touch Diploma
  • Master in Reflexology
  • Spiritual Principles for Excellence, Abundance, and Prosperity  Diploma
  • Coach 12 Steps and 10 Traditions; Addictions, Dependencies, Manias, and Co-dependencies
  • Professional Analysis of Character, Temperament and Personality
  • Diploma Theta Healing
  • Basic Psychology Diploma
  • Diploma Theology and Symbology
  • Diploma in Spiritual Character Analysis
  • Advanced Medical Emergency Technician N2
  • Diploma in Basic Life Support (SVB / BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (SVCA / ACLS)
  • Diploma in BTLS Basic Trauma Life Support and PHTLS Advanced Vital Support in Prehospital Trauma
  • USaid OFDALAC Diploma
    A) Damage assessment and needs detection
    B) Disaster Management 
    C) ICS Incident Command System
    D) Collapse Structures Rescue
  • Oxygen Therapy Diploma
  • Neuro Marketing Diploma
  • Bachelor of Communication Sciences / Journalism
  • Master Public Management and Administration
  • Diploma in: Marketing / Total Quality / Six Sigma / Kaisen
  • Pupil in the Leadership International Institue with speakers such as
    • Tim Folley – Football hall of fame
    • Carlos Carsolio – World Mountain Climber.
    • Ramon Sabella – Andes plane crash survivor
    • Miguel A. Cornejo – International motivator Public speaker
    • Antony Robins – Publish writer, Public speaker