To live a minute without fear is to reach immortality and touch it.

Expand your consciousness and know your true divine nature.

You are the means by which the universe becomes aware of itself.


  • How far would you go to find yourself?

  • What are you willing to do?

  • Since when are you battling with yourself?

  • Things don’t work out?

  • Do you feel lost?

This is an invitation to celebrate life, where you deeply connect with your heart in communion with the OTAC ancestral medicine, Bufo Alvarius.

You can schedule any day of the year for a private session.

We guide you to tranced what you fear most; your deepest sorrows, through the power of the fullest Spiritual process, fill yourself with the most amazing bliss, joy and gratitud that you can experience and achieve in this life.

Live the ceremony guided by the ancient knowledge granted by the greatest source of universal understanding; that liberates and expands your energy; unlocking yo
Sacred Medicine OTAC, also called the molecule of God or the Sonoran desert toad allows you to transcend yourself in one session / ceremony.

5MeO-DMT the Divine Molecule or Creation Code

5MeO-DMT properly used u to create the best version of yourself.

With professional and experienced guidance, helps the person who decides to live the experience to multiply their chances of detecting challenges and making the best life decisions in each circumstance that comes their way; thus take advantage of the best this psychointegrator has to offer.

Its use is mostly recognized as sacred medicine. It has been used for centuries, with the purpose of reuniting the participant with their essential light being, providing the healing that the person requires from any given time or aspect of the life in which they were afflicted to search solutions, to transcend and evolve into a new reality.

The ideal prior to this experience, as a symbol of openness and personal commitment, is to meet certain basic requirements to obtain an adequate physical, mental, emotional and energetic, so that the person who performs a session with DMT 5meo get the best this experience has to offer.

The basic indications, or ``energy diet`` are:

Days before your session:

  • Do not consume red meat.

  • Do not consume chocolate.

  • Not being under treatment or in consumption in the last 30 days, of psychiatric drugs. (including sleeping pills, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, antidepressants)

  • Do not consume alcohol especially red wine, as well as any other alterators or overstimulants of average stable mental activity.

  • Not being in contact with situations, newscasts, movies, newspapers or scenes that contain violence, injustice or any other emotional trigger that upsets the peace of the person.

  • Do not have sex in any of its modalities or possibilities in 72 hr previous.

The day of the session:

  • Do not consume drugs  or stimulants

  • Do not eat fat or spicy foods and preferably that day if it is in the morning,  fast and if it is in the afternoon, eat as light as possible  (fruit, natural water, natural juices).

  • The day of the CEREMONY FAST 6 TO 8 HRS

Every session provides you with a previous interview, as well as integration after your session and the follow-up during the following days, in which we provide you with the necessary internal and external tools in the different dimensions or vibrations of consciousness to work on you in for The next 6 months or so. Average time where the medicine, after the session, continues to act in your body integrating the flow of information granted in the experience, which happens regularly in stages of deep sleep.


Otac is the Seri Comcáac word for toad. This word has been adopted as a term for the gland secretions of Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad of Mexico.

Otac has the ability to powerfully transform the mental and physical health, deeply enhancing the perceived reality and wellbeing. Correctly aministered Otac carries a message of wisdom and empowerment that directly delivers immense benefit to the recipient.

Dan was cured from Cancer and survived a Cardio Vascular event with the help of Otac. Dan was able to recognised an ancient message in such states and also understand part of the history of the indigenous culture that used OTAC and is still applicable today.

All ceremonies with toad medicine are Private and, individual. Ceremonies are done during the morning usually lasting a couple of hrs.

During ceremony

During this time we will be present with you. When it is your turn, you face the sun and stand straight. Dan will hold the container with the medicine in front of your mouth so you only have to inhale the vapor. When Inhaling do it in one take, long and deep, Dan will tell you when to stop. Then keep the vapor inside your lungs for as long as possible. This will help the medicine to enter your bloodstream.

The medicine will start to work within 10 seconds.

Don’t fight it, just relax and let the feeling wash you away. During your ceremony, Dan and other experienced guides will watch over you and chant the sacred traditional chants of the Seri people to help you in your process. After the ceremony you will be assited to be integrated before you can rejoin the group.
And then all would have a chance to share in the experience with the rest as the ceremony will come to closure.

All ceremonies offer you:

  • Interview (guidelines/intention / FAQ) by phone
  • All information and guidelines for preparedness
  • Ceremonial initiation, medicine session, and closing integration
  • Follow-up included 2 weeks of counseling and perspective.
  • All support and aid materiels included before, during and afterwords

Bring something to hydrate and eat.

Wear comfortable clothes; Ladies NOT dressed or skirts. NO children. No pets.

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