Serving the community

In Ancestral Advanced Consciousness we are working to become a social aid association that can also generate direct benefits to the Comcaác community.

We will register as a Civil Association to regulate our activities and found tasing programs, we also will be including in our board of directors three important members of the community being one of them part of the council of elders and two medicine man.

In Ancestral we have the commitment to return to the community elements of social development that will last and generate changes that favorably impact the largest number of people in the Comcaác Nation in three main areas: Education, Health, Development of engineering in: a) construction of sustainable housing and b) desalination of water by solar technologies.

We are also committed to their infants and their youth, we want to support the development of their culture, as in matters of personal grow s well as  emotional maturity, on other hand we wish to promote joy and play grounds for the children in their important celebrations through donations of toys and other items.

Therefore, as an Association we will seek your help and the support and collaboration of society in general, including both National and International Governments through organizations already formed for this purpose.


Thank you

Haxa tippe.