After years of a deep personal search and learning, life took me through places and situations that made me rethink the existence of God, I did not believe that He was the one they told me at school or at home.

After a while I realized all the times that He had manifested in my life and I didn’t pay attention to him, he put people on my path that I didn’t listen to, it was only when very strong situations finally made me “see it, feel it, listen to him”, nothing I studied, worked, learned had to do with what He wanted me to do, and finally 3 years ago I started on a path I had never imagined.

I met a person, we went out, we began to know each other, and it was through him that I first heard about the Medicines. At that time I did not give it too much importance, my life was “ok.” He went through a complicated health process which led him to a session with Medicine, he was so excited and very grateful for such a beautiful experience, and the best, he healed, there was no trace of his illness, before my eyes that was “a miracle”.

Soon he took his children and told me it was my turn, I said yes but it was not time. It wasn’t long when my dad passed away, the time had come.

Shortly after the loss of my father I said “yes”; I thought I was really aware about taking the medicine or may be not at all, the only thing I knew was that I had a very great need for something, I didn’t know what, but I had faith and confidence that this experience could give me a little of what my heart was looking for; and it ended up giving me more than I could have ever imagined, finally, thanks to that medicine I understood that I had been looking for myself, and in that search I found Him, there, that day I knew who God was.

But that was not all, a few months later my mother dies, but my dad’s process was still not happening, I wasn’t processing it, when life presents me with even greater pain, why now…  I wondered.

At 5, when my parents divorced, I went to live with my grandparents in Catemaco, Veracruz. I grew up in front of a lagoon,+ and beatiful trees; my grandmother tryed to teach me the right plants and other remedies for each ailment, my grandfather taught me the love for The animals always being compassionate to them, he once said that all animals and the beauty that surrounded us was the greatest expression of love that God had for us, and he was right.

For years I didn’t see my dad, rarely my mom because I worked tirelessly, and still I had the best childhood, my grandparents were wonderful parents.

I studied business administration, the idea was to work in a company, day by day for years and retire, but life took me on a different path.

I had a son in the middle of college, years later I graduated and dedicated myself to sales; the idea of ​​having children, or serving medicine, not even accompanying those who served, or accompanying those who received it; it never crossed my mind. 

Now, over 2 years later, hundreds of people who had contact with medicine to change their lives have passed by my path, hundreds of people who were reborn right in front of my eyes, I could not be more grateful.

In May 2019 I traveled to Sonora to meet the tribe, grandparents and their customs; also, to the celebration of the songs of the sea “Xepe an Coicöos” (one fo the 3 most important celebrations in the Comcaac Nation year), 3 days of music and sea. It was so beautiful, the place, the people, Shark Island, serving medicine with Tata Lay, one person after another, having intense dreams, and watching their sunsets, more time with my native brother Eliezer and his family, everything was magical.

And then, the message was very clear, I was ready to serve on my own, it was time. And for almost a year  I´ve been serving, sharing, bringing medicine closer to those who need it, one blessing after another.

By blessing others, by guiding them to get out of their reality, I started building a new one for me.