Xhanga is a powerful ancient medicine, an advanced tool for: physical, mental, emotional and energetic health. It allows us to increase our state of vibration by coming into contact with the superior harmony of higher dimensions through a highly symbolic visual symphony.

Xhanga is a shamanic mixture that combines DMT crystals obtained from tepezcohuite, Harmalina Crystals obtained from the extraction of Syrian Ruda Seed and a mixture of various plants (leaves and flowers) from around the world.

Dimetriltriptamine (DMT) is a substance that allows visions, the most potent entheogen known on the face of the earth. Which is also highly present in this beautiful cocktail.

Nn DMT drives the awareness that you have of yourself, joining simultaneously your light being and your body, taking a quantum leap to dive in the hyperconsciousness of everything that is created and that lies in this dimension by opening us the door that allows us to observe with our own eyes the energy and vibration of everything that exists and that is under our care; allowing us, also, to see in our interior the house of God or Manda-Ala in a fractal and kaleidoscope of colors and architectural forms of our amplified personal information.

The seeds of Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) are very interesting, since they contain harmala alkaloids: harmina and harmalina – highly psychoactive alkaloids that are sometimes used to potentiate other plants, it is said that harmala alkaloids are psychoactive by themselves. They also act as reversible MAO inhibitors (RIMAS), which is why Peganum Harmala is commonly used to activate oral DMT.

As the Syrian Rue is an MAOI, it is often used to potentiate other psychedelic plants, improving their effect and prolonging their high. A good example of this is the use of magic mushrooms or DMT, where it is said that the previous use of Ruda Syria extends the experience up to 4 hours. Syrian Rue can also be used as a psychedelic with higher doses, but it can cause a lot of physical discomfort. Anecdotal reports describe how the pure Harmala alkaloids of Ruda can lead to a series of hallucinogenic effects, from visions with eyes closed to distortions and images with eyes open.

The Xanga experience is analogous to Ayahuasca, but with vey much connected with mother earth and perceptive.

The experience of Xanga, is very pleasant too, the participant does not suffer from nausea or diarrhea, is much milder, less strange, it lasts less than 15 minutes and is very deep.

With Xanga, people have access to their own physical and mental processes through highly symbolic images, similar to dreams. You can solve transcendental personal problems and feel physically lighter and more relaxed.

It includes experiences of spiritual content, you can get to experience a “complete” separation between consciousness and body, also, you can have and mystical experiences.

Xhanga is the colloquial name with which this medicine is usually referred to as its health benefits are several.

Xhanga contains herbs such as:

  • Blue lotus of India (Nymphaea caerulea):

    A psychoactive plant that has been used for thousands of years, among the ancient Egyptians played an important role in several aspects of their culture, for its aphrodisiac and mildly psychoactive properties, it also has a euphoric and relaxing effect, so it is quite frequent to stay Asleep after taking it. It is slightly psychoactive and can even lead to entheogenic or “spiritual” experiences if you consume it in higher doses. These effects make the blue lotus a very popular substance today as it was in ancient times.

  • Gordolobo (Verbascum thapsus);

    Gordolobo improves respiratory ailments. This medicinal plant is used successfully in cases of allergies, bronchitis, asthma, cold, flu, cough, angina, sore throat, etc. It improves infections of the upper respiratory tract, dissolves mucus and helps expel it and softens the throat irritated by cough. It contains relaxing and expectorant properties for the lungs, which makes the smoke soften.

  • Mint (Mentha piperita);

    It has healing, expectorant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, especially for the respiratory and digestive systems. In fact, only its aroma has the quality of removing headaches and refreshing the airways. Leaving a feeling of general internal freshness.

  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

    It is a wild shrub that grows in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. The leaf and stem are used for medicine. Historically, it is used primarily to increase sexual desire, as well as increase vitality, and energy.

    This plant can also be used to treat headache, for depression, to relieve stomach and constipation; as well as for the prevention and treatment of sexual problems; boost and maintain mental and physical endurance; and as an aphrodisiac.

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