I was born in the Sacred Lands of the Comcaac Nation 25 years ago. In my blood runs the story of my people and my ancestors whom I honor with pride and love.

I love the life I have and the most important thing for me is my family, my Parents and Brothers with whom I share everything.

I am a Musician, Hunter, Expert in herbalism in my region as well as in medicinal plants; I am also a diver & fisherman; Depending of the season I am also hunter’s guide and I also understand the art of the Sacred Medicine. All my activities have given me many satisfactions and opened doors for me all over the world.

I have the gift of music in me and I can play practically any instrument, as a musician I play the drums in the most emblematic and representative group of the native bands in Mexico or that represent the original people, the band is called Hamac Caziim (fire from the sky) and we play RocknRoll in our language with the permission from the Council of Elders of the Comcaác Nation; along with my partnes, “El Indio” Vocals and my compadre Jeremías base.

The band has played at festivals such as: Cervantino International Festival, Tajín Summit, Ollin Kan Festival, Book Fair of the National Museum of Anthropology and History CdMX, Cultural Festival of Toltequity, among others in Mexico. Abroad we have represented Mexico at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C, USA; at Wassermusik in Berlin, Germany 2011, at the White Nights Festival in Perm, Russia 2012 and at the Ruk’u’x Original Peoples Art Festival in Sololá, Guatemala.

We have several record productions, the most recent is IHAMOC IMAC ANO CAALAM (Those who play at night) 2013.

In my town, depending on the season, I do diving and fishing in the sea of ​​Cortez in the waters of the “Canal del Infiernillo” or I guide expeditions on Tiburon Island in front of my house. I have several hobbies such as photography, astronomy, driving drones and traveling with Tania and Dan sharing medicine. Among my other activities, I am even an element of the National Security Guard or the Army of my Nation.

MY Father trained me in the art of weapons, survival and hunting, and my grandfather in the art of Medicines, weather, astrology, spirituality and the cosmos. My family is part of the Council of Elders, the Council of Medicine (shamans) Men and the town 

Security Council.

I met my spiritual brothers Tania and Dan, when Dan was looking for answers in his spiritual transformation; For some unknown reason Dan contact with my Dad and he in turn talk to my grandfather about him; they gave him permission to enter and know all about our tradition and universal knowledge as well as to finish healing and evolving; We received him with great emotion and I was his guide in his stay with us. 

The day Dan became and began his journey as a master of the desert medicine, in his ceremony we became brothers, and he became a son of the desert.

I will be happy to meet you when you attend the Ancestral Consciousness retreats and events where I participate with the beautiful team of people who are part of.

Yooz Quij misj Masai (God bless you) HAXZ Eliezer Barnett
HAXZ Eliezer Barnett