Seris speak an isolated language, that is: the relationship with another language in the area has not been proven or their language “relatives” no longer exist.
Their way of life allowed them to know places throughout the desert with the resources necessary for their subsistence: areas where there was water and food. This broad environmental knowledge is linked to the time system based on lunar cycles. They currently live in two coastal towns, Haxöl Iihom, “El Desemboque” (flow out”), and Socaaix, “Punta Chueca” (“crocked point”).

The way of life of the comcaac was not the same for all groups. In fact, there were groups of large families that could hunt or gather in specific areas, which were exclusive to large families. For example, some families moved to Tiburon Island, others had their collection area in the desert, while other groups used to travel the continental zone, from Guaymas to Puerto Libertad.