Ancestral Consciousness

About Ancestral

This place offers a paradigm of mystical awakening that combines practical applications of philosophy, anthropology, and spirituality with techniques that are in line with modern human needs to help you rediscover your inner power of love.

More than 1800 people from all over the world have lived this beautiful experience since 2017.

This model is handled individually or modularly; we put at your service:

  • Work Shops
  • Retreats
  • Presentations
  • Individual or group sessions with Sacred Medicines

Respecting all kinds of ideology and belief, we interact congruently with anyone who wishes to experience, explore, understand, develop and share what his consciousness and his development shows us to heal personally as well as collectively, joining in a purpose of freedom with yearning and eagerness to improve life, creation and the planet as well as everything that sustains, surrounds and strengthens the universe.

We share OTAC as sacred medicine by recognizing its great cosmic, earthly and divine power as well as its millenary history. Allowing you to experience Its gifts.

We understand that the human existence is a brief subjective fragment of time in this world, that permit us to experience our singularity in which  we can travel this paths, suspended in the immensity of eternity.

We are part of the beautiful creative flame that illuminates this dimension, we are part of what is, always was and always will be.

To live a minute without fear is to reach immortality and touch it.

With Ancestral You can expand your consciousness and know your true divine nature.

You are the means by which the Universe becomes aware of itself

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