The Power of Awakening

Jalisco, Tepic, Michoacan, Colima

Open all year for small groups,

all precautions are taken.

Powerful Consciousness Awakening Retreat, Mexico.

Lakeside Chapala is in the State of Jalisco Mexico. Surrounded by mountains, Lakeside enjoys a moderate climate year-round. Lake Chapala is known for its breathtaking beauty, geothermal hot springs, and ideal climate, described by National Geographic magazine as among “the best in the world.”

Although this location is peaceful and laid-back, there is an abundance of modern conveniences, restaurants, special events, and shopping. It is definitely a place where people come for the climate and stay because of the lifestyle.

Visitors will enjoy the area’s shops, street markets, galleries, and workshops. Shop for antiques, furniture, tapestries, glassware, lamps, wrought-iron furniture, masks, pottery, jewelry, art and artisans (handcrafts) of all kinds. In fact, the Lake Chapala area is fast becoming the region’s supplier of quality crafts as well as different types of accommodations you can access via Airbnb that are at the same time very economic and beautiful.

This event is located at Casa Comcaác in Jocotepec.

Casa Comcaác offers a peaceful and tranquil environment to experience various medicines and activities. Casa Comcaác is in a quiet area near the village center, removed from the noise and the village activities; You’ll enjoy the place because of the coziness of the large private grounds that provide shaded areas under the trees and orchard or different terraces to chose from.

It’s a spacious, secure, private, beautiful, quiet, and peaceful home.

the event general activities are

Donation for the event starting at $ 999.00 USD pp,


Call to receive all the information about your participation (Mexico) 521 3330247100 / 3315735065.
Make sure to RSVP; at least 20 days in advance.

2 or 3 nights of mystic and hermetic knowledge and fun practices, accompanied by actual natives from the Sonoran Desert; real Shamans from the Comcaác Nation to share their history, culture, and powerful cosmovision.

Also, the participation of 4 experienced and professional speakers; certified coaches on subjects such as synchronicity, numerology, the power within the unity of the male and female energy, The power of premonition dreaming or astral traveling, and The importance of a healthy balance in emotions, mind, body, and spirit.

Here you will also have time to meditate, do yoga or receive a massage as well as homeopathy or psico corporal consultation, and by the end of each day You can also relax by the campfire to share your insights and listen to the most beautiful live native or medicine music

On top of that you will receive gifts from each of the medicines shared throughout the event, handled by an amazing team: Elie (Haxz), Pure Blood, original native from the Comcaác nation (Sonora desert of Mexico), and one of the most renowned, experienced and recognized modern medicine people,  Dan Santos (named Xeecoj Xa) by the Comcaác nation.

All the event is designed to allow unveil the most amazing understanding of the universe within yourself.

All Meals are included during the event.

Groups are kept small. all safety measures are taken, Confirm & Book soon!

33 3024 7100